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Exam Preparation
Examination time is the most dreaded period for any student irrespective of his intelligence. The preparation done throughout the year is summed up just in few days and certainly these few days are capable of breaking or making up the entire purpose of study.

Each student look for effective exam preparation tips and each one has its own method preparing for exam days. Before you discuss some of the effectual exam preparation tips, let's get familiar with the most effective and simple exam preparation tip i.e. start early and study on regular basis throughout the year. Thus, you will lessen the burden of your study material and will have lesser stress level during exam days. Contrary to it, the more you delay your study, the harder it will be for you to cover up your syllabus just in few days.

Collect Your Study Material:

Before you sit to study, it is better that you have all the required study material near you. Running here and there in search of your study material is really very distracting and bothersome and would break your concentration. Consequently, you will be compelled to take more breaks than required. Before you follow other exam preparation tips, this is the foremost one as in the absence of this tip all other tips will become useless.

Use Mnemonics for Complicated Definitons:
Using mnemonics as a tool to deal with complicated formulas and definitions is a perfect tool to prepare for exam. Thus you are able to remember those things which otherwise are harder for you to remember; it proves as a great aid to exam preparation.

Mnemonics is a technique where you take the first letter of every important word and form a new simple word out of it which his easier for you to recall.

Opt for Group Study:
This exam preparation tips may not work for all. Group study proves effective if only all the students are preparing for the same exam. In this way, they can help in eliminating each other's doubt. It is also effective to avoid anxiety and paranoia that can occur while studying alone. However, be sure that the group is not too large as it can be an impediment to problem solving.

Get Sufficient Sleep:
A large number of students generally overlook this tip as they believe in studying for many hours continuously and thus compromising with quality sleep which they actually need. Contrary to this, lack of quality sleep will effect your preparation negatively and can build great amount of anxiety. So, the trick is to sleep in intervals for short period of time. Whenever you feel drowsy, simply take a short nap instead of fighting it away, it will save your time by enabling you to grasp the things fast.

Follow Your Schedule Religiously:
Obviously, you have prepared your schedule before you start. But what is important is remain honest to it. In the end, never ever get panic and keep on having trust on yourself. By keeping a positive and healthy attitude towards exam, you will surely get success by good score in your examination.